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Sequential ATS/ MDU


Input:                       2x Neutrik PowerCON 16 Amp connector, Seamless & FAST Auto Changeover

Output:                    12 x IEC C13 Fused outlets 5A load each

Output Control:        Programmable Latched Relay out each outlet using MCB and USB port at front panel

Power on Switch:    16A circuit breaker (recessed) at front panel

Visual Indication:     Bi-colour LED indication at front panel for each output, Input power LED indication, Input detect and Load LED

Switching Time:       Switch over time Primary to Backup: 10 mS, Switch over time Backup to Primary: 15 mS (Max) without wait time.                                    Fast Electro Mechanical Changeover Relay

Mechanical:            19 Inch std. 1RU Rack mount, Length: 483 mm, Height: 44.5 mm, Depth: 305 mm (w/o Tie bar), Depth: 405 mm                                      (with Tie bar), weight: 4kg approx

Cable Management: Cable Tie bar

Remote access:       USB Communication port at front panel for easy access

Maximum Load:       16 A RMS

Input:                        2 X 220-240V AC 50 +/- 2 Hz 16A (Max total) load, single phase

Output:                     12 x 220-240V AC 50 +/- 2 Hz 5A (Max) load each with total load as 16 Amp, single phase

Power consumption: 8 W typical

Operating Temp:-     10° C to +50° C

Altitude:                     Up to 10,000 feet AMSL

Relative Humidity:      85% non-condensing

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