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Wall Mount Racks

4 u dvr rack wm_edited.jpg
6u wm rack.jpg
15 u wm ds.jpg

Netrack Wall Mount Networking Racks offer great flexibility and convenience for organizing your IT and networking equipment.

Available variants - 4u, 6u, 9u, 12u, and 15u - that come in both single section and double section models. Available Depth in all models - 500mm and 600mm

With these racks, you can easily and securely mount your network devices, servers, and switches.

Netrack Wall Mount Networking Racks are designed for maximum durability and stability, so you can rest assured that your equipment is safe and secure.

Rack Accessories

Cantilever Tray

Blank Panel

Cable Manager PVC

Cable Manager Loop

Cooling Fan


5-15 6 socket pdu_edited.png

Power Distribution Unit

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